10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Car In Top Conditions

Buying a new car is a major step in one’s life – it’s a material manifestation of, “Hey look everyone, I made it!”

To buy a car is one thing, but to maintain it is another.

The art of taking care of a car is becoming a rare skill found in only a select few.

We cannot let such an art vanish; not just yet.

Fasten your seat belts, as we cruise through our guide of 10 Effective Ways To Keep Your Car In Top Conditions.

1) Cleaning

We spend a good part of our day commuting. If we are spending so much time behind the wheel, it is only appropriate to keep the interior and exterior squeaky clean.

How clean your car’s interior and exterior are, tells a lot about you.

If you are giving a ride to someone special, you would want to make an impression that lasts. What could be better than a car that is clean as a whistle and fragrant like English gardens?

Moreover, keeping the car clean is the most cost-effective method to increase the longevity and durability of your vehicle. Dust and grim builds over time and adversely affects car performance. Grab a vacuum cleaner, a brush, some detergent, and get to cleaning!

2) Changing Oil

Oil is for the engine what moisturizers are for our skin – hydrating and absolutely necessary. It is essential to get the oil changed frequently to keep the engine running smoothly.

Failing to change the oil can lead to what is called a build of “bad oil”. It forms a thick layer of oil on the interior of the engine. This can ultimately kill your engine and cost you a few thousand dollars.

To save yourself some time and money, change your oil now!

3) Checking Tire Pressure

Incorrect tire pressure is when your car has more or less air than required.

While it seems counter intuitive, overinflated tires can actually negatively impact your car, especially the suspensions.

Simply take your car to an auto dealer or your mechanic and get each tire checked for ideal air pressure and equal rotation.

4) Replacing Brake Pads

A car is not only as good as its acceleration but also its braking speed and brake efficiency.

To keep your brakes and your car in top condition, the car gurus suggest replacing the brake pads every 25,000 miles or 2 years.

5) Interior Detailing

Cleaning the interior is a lot different than getting the exterior washed.

According to most motor heads, your interior requires professional vacuuming, some dusting, replacement of floor mats, and some liquid solution to keep your car looking fresh out of a showroom.

6) Check Wires

Wires are often the least of our car worries.

However, they can easily become a nightmare. Whether it’s a loose wire or a broken one, each issue in your car can be a symptom of an underlying wire issue.

Cleaning the wires, while keeping the rodents away from chewing them off, will keep your car and its electrical wiring in top condition.

7) Don’t Hit A Pole

It is the most sensible and most apparent tip. But why are we emphasizing it so much?

Fatal accidents can happen at any time. However, it is not fatal accidents that happen each day. It is the minor accidents and small bumps, that can wreck your car or leave a hollow dent.

To prevent such dents from being caused, we suggest:

· Fixing the bad lights so you can see clearly

· Keeping the mirrors cleaned and aligned

· Investing in a rear camera if it’s not already installed

· Installing fog lights to increase visibility on unclear days

8) Parking & Storing

The most damage, from scratches to cold engines, is caused when your car is parked and stored. Making sure your car is parked at a safe, dry place with a waterproof cover is essential to keeping the car new.

9) Insure To Ensure Safety

Insurance is often the first thing car owners get when they buy a new car. However, as years go on, car owners skip renewing their insurance. Be wise! Don’t let the excitement of a new car die down so early. Continue the insurance plan on your car to get it fixed and repaired in case of any accident that can leave a dent on your bonnet and bank account.

10) Search For A Trustworthy Mechanic

Your car does not only have to see a car salon shop when it needs to; it’s recommended that you take your car to a reliable mechanic after every few months.

A reliable mechanic can take good care of your vehicle and address the issues before they even arise!

Keep Your Car In Top Shape

Your car is not just a piece of metal but a work of art and engineering. It has a soul that needs nourishment, constant care and attention.

With our 10 steps car-care guide, you can keep your vehicle in top condition and retain its timeless sparkle, performance, and functionality!

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